Cheil Optimizes eRetail Performance Management With loadbee

As eCommerce becomes more and more important for shoppers, Cheil Germany decided to use the loadbee platform to display their product marketing content on product detail pages of retail partner stores. With loadbee, Senior Account Manager Rhea Holzer and her eRetail team are able to manage the product content centrally and in real time for their brand customers, allowing them to simplify cross-retailer and daily campaigns as well as content adjustments during product launches and revisions.  

How Cheil Uses Product Content to Engage With Customers

The product range of our clients is extensive, and the products are available in several equipment variants for different applications. Rhea’s team helps online customers in eRetail partner stores to find the right product for their requirements with marketing content that conveys information and emotion in equal measure. “We want shoppers to feel understood and to understand the products”, says Rhea. To put it in a nutshell, Cheil’s objective is that shoppers find the products appealing and to provide them with an excellent shopping experience with target-group-specific product content.

Maintaining a High Pace of Product Content Updates

One of the most challenging tasks is to adapt the global product launches to the local market in Germany. Therefore Cheil implements various product contents in stages with loadbee, meaning that as soon as new or adapted content arrives, it’s imported directly into loadbee, and customers are informed about the updated content in real time. In campaigns, our clients offer special deals. One customer learns about such a campaign on a social network, for example, while another one sees it on a billboard. To ensure that both find their way around the online shop and recognize the offer, we ensure on the loadbee platform that the product content of the campaign is also visible on the product detail pages. This means that online customers can also find their way around our clients’ current range of products..

Understanding the Customers is Key

Retailers don’t usually share traffic data with us. However, the loadbee reporting feature allows Cheil to identify which products and campaigns perform well in the online store and which product segments are clicked how often at which retailers. With these insights, the team then evaluates their marketing strategies and adjusts them if necessary. The more we know about the behavior of online customers, the easier it is to provide them with a first class online shopping experience. Rhea says “After all, we want to get the most out of the campaigns for our clients.”