Multivariate Targeting on Amazon Puts the Galaxy M Series In the Spotlight

Maximum Visibility in Generic Search Queries

The Samsung Galaxy M series is a relatively new smartphone series that was introduced at the end of 2019. It is meant for users who are seeking a smartphone that never fails them and supports their daily lives around the clock. The key USP of the M series is the large battery with up to 7.000 mAh. Cheil Germany was tasked to position these new smartphones on Amazon in Germany in 2020. We created a unique user experience guiding interested shoppers from the Samsung brand store to the product detail pages on Amazon.

After our optimization shoppers doing a generic (non-branded) search for smartphones with long-lasting batteries saw at least three Galaxy M models on the first result page and visited product detail pages that provided content relevant to their search.


Identifying the Key Factors That Drive the Algorithm

Increasing the rank of products on Amazon is a challenging task. The competition for relevant keywords is high and the multiple factors that influence the visibility of a product are not always transparent. The exact mechanisms of how Amazon ranks products are unknown, but a lot of experience and other best practices revealed the most important factors:

1. Keywords
2. relevance
3. Reviews

Implementation of Targeted Communication Throughout the Complete Customer Journey

Firstly, it is important to know how your product stacks up with the competitors’ products and then to identify your key benefits. Secondly, it is crucial to know your target group. Finally, you have to create a user experience that communicates the benefits of your product to your target group.

1. With the Galaxy M series being best in class when it comes to battery life, the phones should show up when people search for keywords related to a long lasting phone. At the same time, let’s not forget about more generic keywords, because the product may be interesting for shoppers aside from its most important USPs. It is therefore important to find the right mix of generic and targeted keywords. We optimized all relevant copies and the backend keywords to include all relevant keywords. 

2. Now that the shoppers are on the PDP, the key benefits have to be visible at first glance. For the M-Series, the topic of battery life is addressed in the gallery and is mentioned in the first module of the rich content. The rich content portrays the brand logo with a key visual at the top and cross-references to compatible products at the bottom. Of course the entire content has to be relevant and should match the customer’s expectations.

3. Clean product pages with appealing rich content increase customer satisfaction. By auditing reviews and ratings as well as frequently asked questions you can understand how customers perceive the product. In this way it is possible to reflect common topics and issues in the rich content to increase the PDP conversion.

Transforming the Brand Store Into a Sales Hub

In the Samsung brand store, Cheil implemented a page that gives an overview of the current M-series lineup and also explains the features in detail to help shoppers find the right M-Smartphone for them. We also boosted cross- and up-selling by nesting the M series in the Samsung brand store, so that shoppers generally interested in Samsung products are able to quickly discover the new M-smartphones. 

For a unique, consistent brand experience, it is important to consider performance and content equally. Cheil Germany considers all relevant aspects and creates shopping experiences that go far beyond the standard eRetail approach..