How Cheil Increases the Visibility of Connectivity

The Galaxy Ecosystem offers outstanding connectivity between mobile devices, but this important feature is not clearly communicated to the customer on eRetailer pages. With the creation of a new Ecosystem concept by Cheil, this gap was closed by creating an informative marketing page that is not only descriptive, but also presents the connectivity of the devices by illustrating a daily routine.

Joining all the parts to show the big picture

In the past, connectivity between mobile devices was usually only presented in single, small rich content modules on different product pages. Cheil’s optimized eRetail approach gathers this scattered information on a new marketing page and presents it in a structured, relatable and meaningful manner by combining engaging lifestyle content with relevant product features. This way, customers no longer have to hunt for information on connectivity and are inspired to check out the full range of mobile devices that work together to open up new possibilities.

A Creative Approach to Galaxy Connectivity

Cheil has created a eRetailer marketing page that shows the possibilities of connectivity between mobile products. The central element is a daily routine that describes in detail how the Galaxy Ecosystem works by combining a pictorial representation of everyday life on the left-hand side with device illustrations and textual information on the right-hand side. The Ecosystem creative is also designed to include new products and can therefore be easily adapted. This allows constant updates on all retailer platforms such as marketing pages, rich content and galleries.


Everyday Life Meets Connectivity

The interactions of smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, headphones and notebooks leads to an approach where almost everything regarding productivity, entertainment and communication is covered. Your sleep analysis with the Galaxy Watch4, which is processed on the smartphone, starts your day. Go for a run and your smartwatch accompanies you and accepts calls that can be answered via the Galaxy Buds2. Meeting in the morning? No problem! You can take notes on your Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, which will automatically synchronize with your Galaxy Tab S7 FE. Samsung DeX allows you to easily transfer content from your Galaxy Book 360 to a big screen, and you can stay comfortable during your presentation with the S Pen. In the evening, you can relax and meet your friends in a video call on your tablet. It becomes obvious how Galaxy products guide you through the day and enable you to work more efficiently – and to have more fun.

Connectivity between Samsung’s products is near limitless

The current Galaxy Ecosystem concept represents the outstanding connectivity of mobile products. However, this concept doesn’t have to be limited to mobile products only as Samsung’s connectivity goes beyond smartphones wearables, tablets and notebooks. Thus, an expansion of this concept to other product categories is imminent. Household appliances, TVs and other products can also be connected to make everyday life easier. Based on the current concept, Cheil can easily expand the daily routine to encompass further product categories.