The Retail Advisor App Simplifies Finding the Perfectly Matching Smartphone

Consumers looking to buy a Galaxy A smartphone in a retail store can easily get confused by the vast range of models on display. We offer an app that uses 5 five simple questions to lead consumers quickly to their perfect match.

Samsung is very prolific when it comes to its range of Galaxy A mid-tier smartphones models that sometimes only differ in small details. The goal is to offer every consumer a smartphone that fits perfectly to their wants and needs, instead of having just a few generic models which only match partially.

But this approach also creates a challenge: How can consumers navigate this big selection of products to quickly find a smartphone that meets all their expectations? Obviously, nobody wants to tediously compare several charts of technical specifications. There has to be an easier way.

Helping Customers to Make Quicker Buying Descisions

Together with Cheil Retail, Cheil Digital Platforms created and developed an application for big retail stores (Mediamarkt, Saturn, etc.) that guides consumers via 5 easy questions to a specific Galaxy A model: Galaxy A12, Galaxy A21s, Galaxy A32 5G, Galaxy A42 5G, Galaxy A52 5G or Galaxy A72. Utilizing a Galaxy Tab S6 placed directly on the product table that displays the available devices, our decision-making tool is a fast way to a perfect match.

Translating Technical Features Into Easily Relatable Questions

In its idle state, the app catches the attention of passersby with a short video loop that transitions to the first question as soon as the display of the tablet is touched. 

The 5 questions are displayed one after the other on separate screens. Each asks about a technical characteristic in a non-technical, easily relatable way and offers three options to answer („not important“, „important“ and „very important“) that don’t require any special knowledge.

Precise Feature Mapping Provides Strong Recommerndations

In an underlying decision matrix each unique combination of answers is mapped to a specific Galaxy A device which is presented as the „perfect match“ after all questions are answered. The result-screen also shows the detailed technical specifications and the MSRP of the recommended device and also gives the option to quickly compare all available devices.
The decision matrix not only ensures that all the customer’s requirements are met but is also easily adaptable if older devices are replaced by newer ones.

Deep Integration of Data Analytics Is Generating Insights and Opportunities

Right from the start of the project all customer interactions with the device running the app have been integrated into the our proprietary zero-in data analytics platform. In this way, data form the app can easily be connected to a wide range of retail and product data. Analyzing the data provides valuable insights about what customers find most important regarding the offered range of Galaxy A smartphones, where and when the Retail Advisor App is most often used, and when users cancel the interaction with the app. All this is tracked over time and allows to continuously optimize the app as well as the product offerings.