The Samsung Tariffs Landing Page as a Springboard for an All-In-One Shopping Experience

Redefining customer interaction: One year ago Samsung initiated a campaign to reinvent the tariffs landing page of the Samsung Online Shop. This April, the new, improved site launched with huge success and shows how an engaging Online Shop experience can boost the sales of services.
Today, successful companies not only sell products on their websites, but also services. In the Samsung Online Shop, these service offers were already introduced a few years ago. Since then, this part of the Online Shop has enjoyed ever-increasing traffic and more and more promotions, services and tariffs were added, making it necessary to completely redesign and optimize the customer experience.

A Multidisciplinary Approach for an Unified Solution

We analyzed the available service pages in depth and used our insights as a basis to work out suggestions for improvements and streamlining. A small project team was formed bringing together Cheil experts from eCommerce and Development as well as UX and Data Analytics, to revise the requirements and develop a new concept, which finally resulted in a best practice example, as proclaimed by Samsung HQ.

In early 2021 the tariff landing page reached its final state and relaunched in April 2021, serving as a successful pilot project, which showcases how UX can change the level of interaction with customers.

A Single Interface For All Buying Opportunities is Driving the Sales

For our special SIM offer, customers can now choose their desired device, such as smartphones or tablets, as well as an appropriate tariff in one go. The main advantages are:  easy payment methods and a large variety of available tariffs. As soon as the order is completed, customers receive everything together in one package.
There will be even more advantages to choose a device in the Samsung Online Shop because the All in One shopping experience extends to our promotions and special offers. Customers are able to receive discounts, bundles of combinable products, cashback at the checkout and of course special tariffs – uniquely in the Samsung Online Shop.

A Versatile Platform for Future Projects

The tariffs landing page now appears in a layout that is optimally tailored to the user and can also be adapted or expanded because it forms a versatile template for a wide variety of use cases. The improved UX layouts for remaining service pages are currently being finalized and will be relaunched soon. All pages were or will be created by our local development team. The advantage here is not only that the code structure is available and adjustments or optimizations can be made locally at any time, but the code also can effectively be adapted for other markets and use cases.